Preparing for Your Santa Visit

To ensure the magic stays after the visit is over, it is best to have a distraction when Santa is coming and/or leaving. We need a place to park close to the entry. We can park a house or two away so they do not see us getting into a car.

Santa’s suit is very expensive, so if you can please make sure the children’s hands are not covered in any sticky candy before coming up to see Santa we would be very grateful. Any candy or food should be given after Santa leaves if possible.
While on site, Santa is 100% in character, so adults are asked not to speak to him as if he is not Santa, this one is usually harder than you think for adults.

This is optional, but if you can find a way to put name tags on the children, that helps Santa 🙂 A great example would be to make paper reindeer antlers for them with their name on the front, then Santa can pick Sally out of the crowd by name.

A kitchen or dining room chair is needed as well as someone dedicated to taking photos. When everyone wants to take their own pictures it is harder to get that great photo since the parents are trying to get their cameras out and/or focused properly etc. It is much easier if a dedicated person is ready as soon as the child gets near Santa.

If babies or really little ones are present and might start crying, have the parent hold the child facing them and just place them on Santa’s lap quickly, so the picture is taken before they get scared. This usually works.

If Santa is giving out presents, make sure all the name tags are clearly written and taped onto the packages well, so they don’t come off in the sack. It is best for Santa to give out the presents and tell children to wait to open them all at once. This way Santa can do a countdown and when they are busy opening their gifts, Santa can leave. Again, another way to prolong that magical feeling.
Payments should be ready and in an envelope prior to the visit so when Santa is leaving, you can give him a ‘letter” so the kids don’t know what is going on.

Any other questions please feel free to call us.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your Christmas and we hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

Ho Ho Ho